Much like the technology that drives our phones, the technology that chargers our phones has gotten better, and more complex, over the last few years.

We've already talked about how to pick the right charger for your phone, but now we want to provide some options that we think are pretty solid choices for probably, and quickly, charging your phones. Here are our recommendations for the best cables to charge your iPhone 15.

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Staff Pick Apple USB-C to USB-C

Best Overall: Apple USB-C Cable

Started making braided USB-C cables a few years ago, and they're still the best option for charging your iPhone. It supports the full 27W fast charging speeds, the braiding adds durability, and Apple is pretty good about replacing them if they break.

$17.99 at Amazon
Nomad Braided USB-C

Most Durable: Nomad Braided USB-C Cable

We're a big fan of Nomad gear; they make high-quality stuff that looks great too. Their braided USB-C cables are super durable and great for travel, off-road, or wherever you need to charge. Plus, they come in multiple sizes, including 10 feet, support 100W charging, and they're not too expensive either.

$35 at Nomad
Anker 643

Best Design: Anker 643 USB-C Cable

These cables from Anker support up to 100W like most in this list, but what sets them apart is their design. They're covered in a silicone material which makes them quite soft to the touch, and according to Anker, completely tangle-free.

$14 at Amazon
Anker 765

Most Powerful: Anker 765 Braided USB-C Cable

If you have one of those crazy, over-powered laptops that needs a ton of power, this cable from Anker can handle it. It supports up to 240W charging speeds so you can literally charge up almost anything, and it's braided for added durability.

$25 at Amazon

Most Versatile: UGREEN 90-degree USB-C Cable

Ugreen is also known for making high quality cables, and this one also has a 90-degree plug making it easier to fit some places and can help reduce some clutter. It supports 100W charging as well to juice up nearly any gadget.

$15 at Amazon
Baseus 100W USB-C Cable

LED Display: Baseus 100W USB-C Cable

This cable includes a tiny LED display showing you the how much current is passing through it while it's charging. It's perfect for testing out your chargers to make sure you're getting the right speeds.

$15 at Amazon

It's worth it to make sure you have a good cable

While there quite literally thousands of options to choose from when it comes to smartphone charging cables, 98% of them are crap and should be avoided. The best recommendation is always to start with the cable that comes with the phone itself, or another one made by the manufacturer, in this case Apple's own brided USB-C cable. Thankfully, however, there are other quality choices available like the one from Nomad (a personal favorite), or Anker.

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