How to check your keyboard stats on the BlackBerry Priv or DTEK50

As part of the September update for the BlackBerry Keyboard app on Android, BlackBerry introduced a new feature called Keyboard Stats. As the name implies, keyboard stats offers up detailed statistics about your BlackBerry keyboard usage such as characters typed, words predicted, emoji used, how many words were auto corrected and more. If you're interested in those details, here's how you can access them.

  • From the main screen of your device, go to Settings
  • From there, go to Language & Input
  • Then choose BlackBerry Keyboard Settings
  • Once in that menu, go to Statistics

On that page, you will see all of the items the keyboard app has statistics for. Overall, it's a pretty basic breakdown of statistics and there's no way to export the data or anything like that but it's still interesting to see it all laid out. Now is a great time to check them as well, as it seems as though the BlackBerry Keyboard was not keeping note of these stats previously. Everything you see in there is fresh data, from the time you updated until now, allowing you to view the progression.