How to change the screen timeout for BlackBerry 10

When using your BlackBerry 10 device you don't always need to keep the screen on long after you stop looking at it and to save battery life, you'll want to keep the backlight on as low a duration as possible. By default, the screen timeout is set to 30 seconds. For most, this setting is fine. But if you want to lower, or even increase the duration you can do in the settings. Continue reading to see how!

  • Tap the Settings icon or swipe down from the top bezel to bring the homescreen menu and select from there
  • Tap Display
BlackBerry 10 System Settings
  • Scroll down to Screen Lock and tap Screen Lock Timeout and select your preferred duration from there

BlackBerry Z10 Screen Lock Settings

That's pretty much it. You can find all our BlackBerry 10 how-tos, tip and tricks here