One of the great things about BlackBerry (which is no different with BlackBerry 10) is the ability to select a different notification tone for every single alert you could get on your device. For users that are picking up the BlackBerry Z30 as their first BB10 device this 'how to' will just be a short guide on personalizing your BlackBerrys tones if you so desire. 

I for one have a different alert tone for everything on my BlackBerry - from emails, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, BBM, Whatsapp and the list goes on. By default your BlackBerry Z30 will only come with a certain amount of notification tones, however there are many more you can grab from third party apps or just digging around in our forums. 

You may ask yourself 'why would I want to do this?' and the answer is quite simple from my perspective. With different tones set for different apps/accounts you will have the ability to know what type of notification you have received on your Z30 without even having to look at it. 

For example - I have six email accounts on my BlackBerry and a couple of them are really not used for anything important. So if I hear one of those go off I know that I don't need to pick up my BlackBerry instantly and check the email. Of course, whether you choose to do the same as me is down to personal choice but it's a great option to have. 

Getting the notification tones changed is pretty simple. From the top bezel of the Z30 you perform a downwards swipe and select settings. Here you will see all your system settings and it's just a case of selecting the Notifications one. 

Initially you will see the options for your sound volume, vibrate on/off, LED on/off and Instant Previews. But scroll down and there you'll see all the applications that can have the notification tones changed. The native apps will be listed but at the bottom of the list is 'Other Applications' which will allow you to alter third party apps. 

Then it's just a case of selecting which app you wish to change and underneath the 'Sound' on/off toggle you will see the tone. Tap this and a drop down box will appear which will then allow you to browse through either tones or music. Once you select one you will be presented with a list of the tones available on the device, but if you touch the 'Device' tab at the bottom left of the display you'll also be able to search your SDcard or Dropbox if you have that set up and have stored any tones in there. 

Then you just select which tone you want and you're done. It sounds a wee bit long winded but once you have the hang of it it's a breeze and the benefits are great, as I've already outlined. 

And that's how to change your notification tones on the BlackBerry Z30 - a wonderful feature to have on a smartphone.