BlackBerry 10 Notifications

Notifications on previous BlackBerry OS' worked off of the profile settings. You could easily tweak each alert to your liking by choosing the volume on a 1-10 scale (or silent) so that each alert was different. Maybe a quiet alert for BBM (3) and a much louder alert for SMS (9). Whatever you wanted to do it could handle - but with BlackBerry 10 it's more of an all or nothing approach. 

The notification volume on BlackBerry is now a "one size fits all" slider. Unfortunately you won't be able to choose the volume for each alert separately, rather you have one universal control that covers them all. Keep reading and we'll show you how to change the notification sound volume on BlackBerry 10.

How to change the notification sound volume on BlackBerry 10

  • Tap the Settings icon
  • Tap Notifications
  • Drag the volume slider right or left to increase or decrease the alert volume. You'll hear a short preview tone after you move the slider so you can get a feel for the actual volume

Nothing more, nothing less. While you can't change the settings per alert, at least you have some control over the volume for notifications that's separate from the system volume. Also note here that the volume buttons control the overall system volume for media/games and not the notification volume for alerts and ringtones.