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I'm going to be switching internet providers which means the email address I use with my BlackBerry ID will no longer be available for me to use.  How do I change my email address so I can still access my information?

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Dear reader:

Thank you for sending in this question. This is one I see pop up in the forums and is frequently asked by my fellow BlackBerry addicts when they look to close out their existing email accounts. Rather than lose all of your apps, purchase history, and other relevant data there is a simple solution for updating your profile with your new handle. That way you can continue to receive BlackBerry correspondence if you lose your password or need to verify your account later on.

Please note that these are not the instructions on removing your account permanently if you want to sell your device or if you wish to setup a new one. To change accounts you would need to perform a system wipe. However, we are not trying to switch BBID's nor are we looking to create a new one. In this case, we are simply going to keep our existing account but update the email address so all of our BBID data remains intact.

  1. From your computer, sign into your account from or using your current BBID login information.
  2. After you have signed into your account click on Account Details and then Edit.
  3. Here you can modify your username and email address. Once all changes have been made click on Save.
  4. When you return to the details screen click on Done at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Remember to Logout from the BlackBerry ID Sevices screen.
  6. Notifications will be sent to your old and new email address: the old alerting you of the change, and the new with a link to confirm the change. The link is only valid for 24 hours.
  7. Once confirmed, you will be able to use your new email address to access and login to your account on your device and tablet.

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