How to change the default search engine in BlackBerry 10

If you've picked a BlackBerry Z10, opened up the web browser and found your default search engine set to Bing there is a good chance you're looking for a way to quickly change that. Unless of course, you like Bing. Getting it changed was quite honestly a bit of a task on BlackBerry 7 but with BlackBerry 10 it only takes a few seconds to accomplish:

  • Open up your web browser and start typing a search in the search.
  • Up top in the right hand corner, you'll see the Bing logo. Tap it.
  • A drop down will appear showing Bing, Google and Yahoo. 
  • Set it to whatever you wish and from there on out, it will be set.

That's it! You're all set with whatever search provider you choose and you'll never have to worry about it reverting back unless you wipe your device or reset it at some point.