BlackBerry Hub Notification Actions

Have you ever got an email, slid down the notification and looked at the available actions and realize, none of those are what you're looking for? If only there was a way to change those notification actions, it would be ideal. To be honest, the preloaded ones have always worked for me but I was recently asked if they were able to be changed. As it turns out, it's built into the BlackBerry Hub. You can change notification actions rather easily. Here's how!

BlackBerry Hub email notification actions

  • Open the BlackBerry Hub app
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to General Settings
  • Go to Notification Actions
  • Adjust each to whatever action you wish

That's it. Once those options are set, each time you get an email, your chosen options will be displayed instead of the preloaded default options. Now, in addition to the swipe gestures, you'll have more ways to interact with your emails how you wish and I'm all about choice and options.