BlackBerry Backlight Timeout

Another great way you can customize your BlackBerry is by adjusting the amount of time before the screen dims (or "times out"). Depending on your needs, you can have this option set anywhere from 10 seconds up to 2 minutes. If you're not familiar with the term, the backlight timeout is the time in which it takes your screen to dim after you last touch the screen, trackpad or a key on the device. Personally, I like to keep mine at 10 or 20 seconds to save battery, but I'm sure some have it set at high as 90 seconds or even a full 2 minutes. Keep reading and we'll look at how easy it is to change the backlight timeout on your BlackBerry.

How to change the Backlight Timeout on your BlackBerry Smartphine

  • From the home screen, go to Options > Display > Screen Display
  • Scroll down to Backlight Timeout
  • Choose the option you'd like (the lower the time, the better the battery savings)
  • Press the Menu key and choose Save 

Again, your setting here will be whatever you want depending on your needs. If you want the screen to quickly go off after using your device, choose 10 or 20 seconds. If you want it to remain on longer, go higher. While the default limit for timeout is 2 minutes, you can always grab an app like Leave It On to have your screen stay on indefinitely for things like navigation apps, the media player and more.

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