There's an innovative company out in Los Angeles that's made it their goal to provide 100% free internet and mobile service. You might have heard of them — they're called FreedomPop . They hit the market in 2011 with the mission to provide all Americans with free service or at least an affordable upgrade. And as a special offer for Mobile Nations readers, they're now offering the Nationwide MiFi 4082 Hotspot for 80% off for the holidays, with free 4G internet service included.

Let's see the math…

  • Nationwide hotspot: $29.99
  • Power Bank 2000mAh USB battery: FREE, no strings
  • 2GB one-month internet trial: FREE, no strings
  • 500MB: FREE every month after trial, no strings
  • Shipping: FREE, no strings
  • Tax: Uncle Sam still needs to get his, sorry (varies by state)

So not only are you getting a serious price cut on a hotspot with a free 500MB of data every month, FreedomPop is tossing in a 2GB data trial for the first month (normally that'd cost you $19.99) and a free 2000mAh USB battery, and free shipping. That's just $29.99 (plus tax), out the door with all that and 100% free wireless internet service for any device.

And seeing as it's that time of year, maybe consider getting a few for your friends and family. You're giving them free internet when they need it out on the go, and they won't even have to pay a monthly charge if they don't want to. All they have to do is charge the battery!

Here are the details

Once you get the hotspot you can enjoy a 2GB free trial. After that first month you can either stay on the 2GB plan for 19.99-a-month or downgrade to the free 500MB Sprint 4G WiMAX plan. IF you're outside of Sprint's WiMAX coverage area, 3G roaming plans are available for as little as $3.99/mo. And if you refer your friends to FreedomPop you can earn up to 500MB of free data a every month. FreedomPop offers coverage across the United States; you can check your area to be sure here:

The FreedomPop Hotspot 4G/3G MiFi 4082 can connect up to 5 of your WiFi-enabled devices — smartphones, tablets, laptops, whatever — to fast, free wireless at home or on-the-go. This hotspot is is certified pre-owned with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 90-day warranty. It's undergone extensive checks for physical damage and comprehensive functionality, an advanced radio frequency test, and a thorough data wipe and factory reset.

Once hooked up, you can take advantage of FreedomPop's 3G roaming with nationwide plans to check email, surf the web, make Skype calls, stream music, and watch YouTube videos wherever you go. For serious power users, the free portable power bank included in this promotion will double the life of your hotspot.

FreedomPop is unquestionably the lowest-cost internet service provider that works on Sprint's 4G and 3G network. Get started for only $29.99.

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