blackberry upgrades

According to Tekrati , The Advisory Council (note that isn’t An Advisory Council but The Advisory Council) has come with a publication that businesses can use to build a business case for BlackBerry Upgrades. We at CrackBerry thought just having a sexier Berry would do the trick but, alas, big corporations actually have to come up with something more than “It’ll look way sexier.”

Today, wireless devices are de rigueur in the business world and companies are having to justify and manage their wireless costs. This includes costs associated with purchasing, upgrading and adding functionality to their BlackBerrys, as well as costs related to device ownership and connectivity to the enterprise infrastructure.

The Advisory Council (TAC) has just releases its report which offers tips on building business cases for BlackBerry upgrades.

According to TAC, studies of enterprise deployments estimate improvements of 27% in productivity, 19% in customer satisfaction/retention, 17% in overall profitability, and 13% in revenues. BlackBerry is no longer considered “emerging technology” and is considered mainstream and an indispensable business need, much like a PC. And once used to it, user can become addicted to the ease and convenience. The good news for employers is that the addiction benefits the company more than the employee. Employees are no longer limited to working while they are at their desks or workstations.

For more on this, contact  The Advisory Council to request a complimentary copy of the SmartTip, “BlackBerry Upgrade Justification.”