Learn from my stupidity... be careful when using a microSIM adapter with your BlackBerry. See video:

All I can say is.... D'oh!!!!!

Last night I swung by the Rogers store to pick up a new black BlackBerry Bold 9900. With labor day behind us I figured I'd rather show up at the BlackBerry Jam conference in San Jose next week with a black Bold instead of a white one. But my black Bold was looking a bit beaten up from lots of use and abuse, so a minty new one was in order.

Just minutes ago I went to fire up my new 9900. At the moment though my main phone line is tied to a microSIM card - the one I was using in my now broken HTC One X. Because of that, I grabbed a microSIM adapter to put to use with my new Bold, which uses a standard SIM. 

Not too long ago I bought a couple of these microSIM adapters from a local Rogers store. But the last time I tried to use one was with my Torch 9810, and I found the adapter was a little too thick to actually fit the SIM slot (I ended up having to get a new full size SIM). I thought maybe the same thing would happen with this 9900, so before I fully tried to insert it with my microSIM into the adapter, I inserted just the adapter to see if it would fit. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid me.

The adapter slid in just fine, but with no microSIM inserted, two of the contact pins pushed up through the hole in the adapter (where they should be in contact with the actual SIM). As soon as that happened, I was screwed. I couldn't pull the adapter out. I tried carefully to get it done, and pried carefully at every which angle, but eventually I just put a little too much force and the two contact pins snapped out. And that was that. My brand new BlackBerry Bold 9900 bit the dust before I even put it to use.

Lesson of the week month: Be careful when playing with microSIM adapters. And if you're going to stick one in, make sure you have an actual microSIM in the adapter. If not, you're gonna find yourself crying like I am right now :/ 

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