We love to see big names partnering with BlackBerry to show how to efficiently get things done when it really counts. Earlier this month was New York Fashion Week, the biannual series of events when international fashion collections are shown to buyers, the press and the general public. It's a big deal, being one of 4 fashion weeks held around the world each year. Zoya Nail Polish had the task of working with top designers creating custom nail colors and providing all the behind-the-scenes nail care that comes with a week long, multi venue production such as New York Fashion Week. As you can imagine, keeping connected to not only your clients but also your co-workers and social media networks during this kind of event is of utmost importance. That is exactly why the Zoya Nail Polish team decided to collaborate with BlackBerry on a solution!

All Zoya team members, including their VP of Marketing, Creative Director, Public Relations, and Social Media leads, used BlackBerry Q10 and Z30 smartphones to cover the shows both backstage and on the runway. Utilizing these BlackBerry smartphones, the team was able to keep up with the fast-paced flow of show schedule juggling, social media updates, high resolution image/video capture and important data transmissions all without losing battery power or precious time. And on top of the regular social networks like Twitter and Facebook, Zoya made a BBM Channel to further extend their reach into international markets that use BBM extensively for both business and personal use. In less than a month, the Zoya BBM Channel has grown to over 7500 subscribers!

Leo Reyzis, Vice President of Global Marketing, explained to us how they used the BlackBerry platform during the week.

Using our BlackBerry Z30 and Q10 smartphones during New York Fashion Week made all the difference in enabling a split team of 12 people, working concurrently in multiple show locations, to communicate, collaborate and keep everyone in the company on the same page.

Events like Fashion Week pose an organizational challenge because during Fashion Week the teams typically split up and work backstage at two shows at any point and time. Keeping everyone on the same page is challenging.  To streamline the process we  created a BBM Group for the Zoya Fashion Week Team.

Members of this Group included all the “On Location” Zoya Team as well as the “Home Office” Staff. All communication was done through our BBM Group, this way everyone was on the same page without a flurry of emails and attachments.  BBM was also a better solution than email or texting for this event because in many older buildings there is a challenge with phone reception however they always have a WIFI signal so BBM kept our teams buzzing in any location..

The amazing battery life of our devices kept our team constantly posting to all of our social media platforms, browsing the web for coverage and uploading and downloading images.  After what I would call HEAVY usage, we managed to have on average of 20% of our battery life left at the end of the day.

Participating in an event like Fashion Week is not possible without a great team of creative, hardworking people and the right tools.  Luckily we have the best team and our Blackberrys are the best tool!

It's fascinating to see how teams can really pull together to get a big job done when they have the right tools. Make sure you check out the Zoya Nail Polish BBM channel (C00223312), follow them on social media sites (@ZoyaNailPolish – everywhere), and check out the blog at zoya.com. There's a fun post on their blog today that gives a sneak peek inside the bag of Rebecca Isa, Zoya Nail Polish Creative Director. (Hint: There's a BlackBerry in there!)

Press Release

Surviving Fashion Week: Zoya deploys staff and devices that deliver beautifully.

Fashion Week can deplete the energy of staffers and devices like nothing else...
For the Fall/Winter 14 show season, the Zoya Nail Polish Beauty Team is powered positive for a bevy of fashion shows, related events and the non-stop go-go-go that fills all the in between with top notch manicurists, behind the scenes creatives, marketing superstars and powerful technology.

To succeed in this flurry of backstage beauty and runway madness, the Zoya team leads the beauty beat with social updates and insight that keeps front row Fashionistas wondering... "What is ZOYA doing now” and “How do THEY do it?”

Zoya likes to stay a step (or two) ahead of the pack. This season, not only is Zoya is working with the most in-demand fashion designers and stylists to create custom colors and nail looks, they have also teamed up with BlackBerry!

Thrilled to be provided with the latest carbon fiber, BlackBerry Smart Phone Q10's and the amazing five inch screen, Z30’s (AKA, the digital music wonder) to assist with the fast-paced flow of show schedule juggling, social media updates, high resolution image/video capture and important data transmissions all without losing battery power or precious time; the Zoya team is confident and destined to provide the ultimate Backstage Pass to beauty fans this season!

Now if they could just find a way to move fashion week to a tropical location (enough with this snow already)!