member Henk sent this one in.  Apparently you can bake a BlackBerry at 200C for 20 minutes and it will still function when its fully cooked.  Check out Henk's story.

Baked BlackBerry

"Thought you might like this...

Couple of weeks ago, like a good dad, I was baking with my 10 year old daughter. I couldn't find my Blackberry afterwards and was looking everywhere. Tried calling my number etc. When the cookies were done, I opened the oven and found my BlackBerry on the cookie tray: well cooked!!!

The plastic casing was warped, very soft and burning hot. After a cool down, to my immense surprise, when I switched it on, it worked...!

The keys were sticking a bit and the camera has lost some of its sharpness but otherwise, all is well. I have now picked up a new casing and it looks quite new again. They keys are OK again.

I quite liked the grunchy look but have to admit that it is easier to use in its original version."