I am pretty certain that there is nothing worse than losing your BBM contact list. Us BlackBerry addicts rely on it so much. Backing up your BlackBerry Messenger contacts is not something new, however I often see on Twitter and other places the frustration that some people have who manage to lose all their contacts for one reason or another. Many people back up all their information using the BlackBerry Desktop Software but I also know a lot of people that don't. If you were to damage your BlackBerry beyond repair and were lucky enough to get a replacement or new one straight away you can restore you BBM contacts within seconds if you know how.

You will see that you have a couple of options for backing up. You can do it locally, which will be to your device/MicroSD card, or remotely to an email address. Backing up to the memory card works just fine but if you lose your BlackBerry you will have lost the memory card too. The remote option is probably the safest bet as this will allow you restore your BBM contact list on a new BlackBerry as soon as you have that particular email account configured.

The process is so quick and easy that if you have not done it before chances are you will after seeing the video.

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