BB10 Attach Email

On the old BlackBerry OS, attaching files to an email was as easy as pressing the menu button, choosing attach and picking your files. On BlackBerry 10, the process remains just as easy - but if you're not sure where to look for the Attach option, you might miss it. 

When you first open the compose screen, the virtual keyboard comes along with it, hiding a number of options below. If you close the keyboard however (hold down the space key) then you'll see not only Format and Importance, but Attach as well.

To attach an item to an email, simply tap the Attach icon on the bottom of the screen.

Here you'll see the options to attach a picture, video, audio, contact, appointent or file to your email.

BB10 Attach Email

Tap the icon of the item you wish to attach and you'll be take to the file list (ie. Pictures app for a photo, File Manager for a file).

When you find the item, tap it. You can also select more than one at a time which is pretty sweet.

BB10 Attach Email

When you're finished, tap Done.

The item(s) will be attached to your email and you can send them on their way.