How to set up keyboard shortcuts on the BlackBerry KEY2

One the greatest features of the BlackBerry KEY2 is the ability to customize your own keyboard shortcuts through a long-press or a short press and with the all-new Speed Key, you can access those shortcuts from anywhere on your device, not just the home screen!

How to set up keyboard shortcuts on the BlackBerry KEY2

  • Swipe down and tap the Settings gear
  • Tap Shortcuts & gestures
  • Select a letter
  • Assign a shortcut

In total, you can set up to 52 keyboard shortcuts and out the box, the KEY2 comes with some keyboard shortcuts preprogrammed for your convenience. However, you can change and customize them as you see fit.

  • Long press "A": Contacts
  • Long press "B": Chrome
  • Long press "C": Compose email
  • Long press "D": Add note
  • Long press "H": Help
  • Long press "K": Lock screen
  • Long press "L": Calendar
  • Long press "M": Hub
  • Long press "N": Open in BBM
  • Long press "O": Settings
  • Long press "P": Check call history
  • Long press "S": Search
  • Long press "T": Add task
  • Long press "W": Call voicemail

Making use of the Speed Key with keyboard shortcuts

Speed Key

The Speed Key is the first new key added to the BlackBerry keyboard in over a decade and was designed to work in conjunction with any keyboard shortcuts you set. Now, from anywhere on your BlackBerry KEY2, you can hold down the Speed Key and tap any letter assigned to a shortcut, and you'll launch the associated app or action without having to return to the home screen.

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