App Permissions

Since Android applications have been readily available to download onto BlackBerry 10.2.1 devices one of the main complaints I see in the comments is that we have no control over app permissions. Many Android apps will automatically have access to areas of your device including your media content and that's just for starters. As BlackBerry users we like our security!

Luckily with native BlackBerry 10 apps we have some control what the application will have access too. As I'm sure you're aware - I download a lot of apps and games and frankly it does puzzle and frustrate me when I see that one of the app permissions being requested is to receive BBM invitations or similar.

As you download the app/game you do have the ability to un-tick any of the permissions you don't want, but if like me you quite often just agree as you can't wait to get into the app there is a way to alter the permissions at a later date.

And here's how:

  • Open Settings - pull down from the top bezel
  • Select Security and Privacy
  • Select App Permissions
  • Open up the app and you can toggle on and off the features you don't want the app to have access to.

Simple and a real bonus in comparison to the Android apps we have access to from third party stores. Just another little feature that BlackBerry does just right!