Using gestures to unlock

One of the coolest features of the BlackBerry 10 platform is the swipe to unlock feature. A feature that I have become so used to that every touchscreen phone I now pick up I try to swipe up to unlock.

It is definitely a feature I have come to love. However, there may be some of you out there who prefer to go old school and only unlock your device with the traditional unlock/lock button located at the top of the device.

This can still be done even with the gesture feature enabled, but if you wanted to complete turn off the gesture to unlock, you have the option to do this.

  • Go to settings by tapping Settings icon on the homescreen or by swiping down from the homescreen and tapping Settings
  • Tap Display from the list
  • Scroll down to Allow Gestures when Locked and toggle the option to off

That's it! You can no longer swipe up to unlock your BlackBerry device, you have to use the unlock/lock button at the top of the device.

If in the future you wish to turn the feature back on, just follow the steps above and toggle the option to on.

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