If you've ever wanted to independently control the brightness for the navigation buttons and keyboard on your BlackBerry KEY2, I have good news! Starting with the October security update (ABI067), you now have the option to do so built right in. Here's how to adjust them both.

  • Swipe down your notification panel
  • Tap on the Settings gear
  • Tap on Display
  • Find Keyboard brightness

Under this setting, you essentially have three different options. You can have your KEY2 handle the changes by automatically optimizing the backlight settings, or you can manually take over control of the keyboard and navigation buttons, turning them as bright or as dark as you wish.

It's a small feature added to the OS, but it's one that many people have asked about previously, so it's cool to see it added. Plus, if you really hate those navigation buttons; this allows you to hide them in a roundabout way.