BlackBerry 10 Spell Check

As you use the BlackBerry Z10 more and more, you'll start to notice how all of the language and input options can really work together. From the predictive keyboard to Word Substitution, cranking out quick messages or longer emails has never been easier. However you may also notice that some words you use frequently or some personal phrases don't always make the spell check cut. 

That little red line starts to show on more and more words and leaves you wondering why. There are a few ways to fix things up for good and get BlackBerry 10 to recognize all of your personal words so they don't get stuck in the spell check trap. You can easily add a word to the dictionary by tapping it when it shows as incorrect, or you can jump into your personal dictionary and add words at will. Keep reading and we'll show you how it's done.

There are two very simple ways to add words to your personal dictionary on BlackBerry 10. 

Add to Dictionary 

The first is the most common - this method allows you to add words as you type by tapping them. When you see the misspelled word, tap on it and you'll have the option to Add to Dictionary. The word will be added and never check for spelling again.

Add to dictionary

Edit Personal Dictionary 

The second method gives you more options for adding multiple words. To do this, head to Settings > Language and Input > Spell Check. From here, Tap Edit Personal Dictionary.

On the next screen you'll see your list of added words (if you've already added some) and on the bottom an Add New icon. To manually add words to the dictionary, tap Add New. 

Personal Dictionary

Next, simply add the word as you'd like it spelled taking note if it should be case sensitive and then tap Save.

That's all there is to it - you can add words like names, nicknames, curses (duh!) or any random words that you like to spell all phunky when typing on the Z10.