Part of the latest BBM update was the ability to add a wallpaper to your BBM chats - giving you some customization on how your conversations look. At the time of the update release there were four colored options in the BBM Shop for users to download for free.

It's a bit early to tell if I like the new options or prefer the black default look to BBM chats. I'm always a fan of dark backgrounds on my smartphones so maybe I'll be a little more excited when there's a few more options available.

Either way, if you fancy spicing up your BBM chats here's how to enable the wallpapers:

  • Open BBM and jump into the menu (three grey lines - bottom left)
  • Open up the BBM Shop and scroll to the bottom
  • Tap the color you wish to use and then press 'Set'

And that's it, all done. If you don't like any of the color options available in the Shop you can jump back to the default settings by pulling down from the top bezel to get into Settings and then select 'Reset Wallpaper'.