Outlook.com BlackBerry

Microsoft's Hotmail was once a widely used email service, but in recent years has been relegated to the same place of GeoCities, Angelfire and the like. Today, Hotmail was rebranded and relaunched as Outlook.com, and it just might give other email services a run for their money. The minimalist design is giving new life to the old Hotmail and could have some users picking it up full time.

If you are thinking of grabbing an Outlook.com email address - you don't have to worry because it will certainly work on your BlackBerry smartphone. Keep reading and we'll look at just how easy it is to add your new email address to your BlackBerry.

How to add an Outlook.com email address to your BlackBerry

  • From the Messages app, press the Menu key and choose Options
  • Select Email Account Management
  • Click Add another email address
  • Choose Other
  • Enter your Outlook.com email address and password.
  • Change your signature and sync settings as you see fit, then click Continue

That's it! You should receive an Activation Server message in your inbox and setup is complete. Now you can use your new Outlook.com email address from your BlackBerry.

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