In previous BlackBerry 10 OS builds, before OS 10.3.1, tapping on the Notification icon in Quick Settings would toggle between Normal and the last used notification Profile. In OS 10.3.1 it just toggles between Normal and Silent. However, you now have the option to add more Profiles to the Quick Settings menu and each time you tap on the Notification icon it will scroll through those Profiles. This is a nice little addition as I sometimes like to use Silent or Vibrate depending on where I am.

How to add more notification Profiles to Quick Settings

  • Swipe down from the top using one finger when on the Homescreen (or two fingers where you're in an app)
  • Tap Notifications
  • Tap Quick Settings along the bottom bar (star icon)
  • Check the box of the Profiles you wish to add to Quick Settings

You'll see there is also the option to rearrange the order of these Profiles if you wish to. From now on, each time you tap the Notification icon in Quick Settings it will scroll through those Profiles so you can set them quickly. Check out the video above for a quick tutorial.

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