Level 1 notification

Your BlackBerry smartphone comes with the built-in ability to add a Level 1 notification for any number of email filters on your device. Through your carrier BIS account, you can easily add a special notification for any email address or keywords, letting you choose a custom alert for them as well. The process takes a few steps to set up, but once you do you'll have a custom alert for your spouse, boss, secret friends or whatever you choose. Keep reading and we'll look at just how easy it is to setup a Level 1 notification on your BlackBerry smartphone. 

Setting up a Level 1 notification on your BlackBerry

Step One: BIS Filter 

Head to your Email Settings (either by searching or just click the icon it it's not hidden).

  • Highlight the email address of which you want to add the notification.
  • Press the Menu key and choose Filters.
  • Click Add Filter
  • Enter a name for your filter ("wife's email")
  • Next to Filter On, choose one of the available options. For instance if you want to add the alert for any email from a given address, choose From address.
  • Under the Contains field enter the criteria (in this case it's an email address).
  • Click Add (keep in mind you can add more than one criteria here)
  • Under Action, check the box next to Forward messages to this device and Level 1 notification
  • Click Save 

Step Two: Custom Profile

For the second part of the process you'll need to edit your profiles to allow for the incoming Level 1 notification.

  • Tap on the profiles icon on your home screen.
  • Choose Change Sounds and Alerts.
  • Next choose Sounds for Selected Profile.
  • Click Messages to expand. Then choose Level 1.
  • Here you can setup your alert just the same as any other. I like to pick a tone and vibrate pattern that is different than other alerts (if not then what's the point, right?). Make it something loud and obxnious if you want, or just something you'll recognize.
  • Press Menu and choose Save.

Done and done!

Now you can test out your alert depending on what you set up. Have your contact send an email to test the filter and you should hear your custom Level 1 alert. The notificaiton will show in red in your inbox so you'll never miss it (hopefully). You can do this combination for any number of filters.

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