BlackBerry Q10 Flashlight Tip

One of the handy dandy new features in BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 is the ability to turn on the Flashlight in a uhh.. flash from the Quick Settings drop down menu. 

On taller phones like the BlackBerry Z10, Z30 and P'9982, after you upgrade to 10.2.1 the Flashlight app is automatically added to the Quick Settings drop down (this is the menu you see when you're on the homescreen and swipe down from the top of the phone).

However, after updating to OS 10.2.1 on the Q10 and Q5, it appears BlackBerry stuck to just three rows (six shortcuts) showing by default vs. the five rows (eight shortcuts) that show up on the taller phones. And on the Q10, the Flashlight app didn't make the cut to the 10.2.1 defaults.

The good news is, you can add the Flashlight app to the Quick Settings menu in under 10 seconds. Hit up the Instagram video below to see just how easy it is:

How to add the Flashlight app to the Quick Settings Menu

If video isn't your thing, here's the step by step:

1. Go to Settings on your BlackBerry 10 phone. To get to Settings, you can either tap the "gear" icon on the homescreen, or swipe down from the top to pull down the quick settings dropdown menu, and tap Settings from there.

2. Now in the Systems Settings page, tap the option for Quick Settings. It's the sixth option down.

3. Scroll down the page of options until you come to Flashlight, and tap the box so there's now a check mark showing.

4. By default, this will place the Flashlight at the bottom of the list of shortcuts on your Quick Settings menu. However, you can reorder the shorcuts. Simply tap the icon at the bottom of the Quick Settings page that has an arrow pointing both up an down. Once tapped, you can press and hold on the icons at the far right of each row to drag up and down the Quick Settings shortcuts to reorder them. 


That's it! From there you'll have the Flashlight App never more than a quick swipe and tap away. We'll follow up with another more in-depth tutorial of all of the shortcuts and features offered by the Quick Settings menu, but in general this process will work for all of the different shortcuts offered. You can toggle them on and off and reorder them at will. 



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