The BlackBerry KEY2 and BlackBerry KEY2 LE have an incredibly useful feature baked into Hub+ that is often overlooked. Hub+ can get a little hectic once you've registered all of your various social accounts, e-mail addresses, and messaging apps. This is where views come in. They let you pick and choose which accounts are visible and pinging notifications. Best of all, you can configure these views further to filter messages from certain people, read status, and more. Setting up a custom view is easy.

How to set up custom views on the BlackBerry KEY2 and KEY2 LE

  • Open Hub+. Tap the menu button in the top-left.
  • Tap the plus icon next to Views at the top of the panel.
  • Type in a name for your view.
  • Tap the checkboxes next to the accounts you want visible.
  • Tap the name of the account to further configure its highlight color and visibility.

To tweak views after they've been set up, just tap the gear in the top-right of Hub+ to open Settings, and tap Manage Views. That's it! Now you can build out a series of Hub+ views on your BlackBerry KEY2 and BlackBerry KEY2 LE for all of your life's most common scenarios.