Customization is one feature that BlackBerry has always excelled at - from legacy devices all the way to the current day and BlackBerry 10. Customizing contacts is a prime example. I'll be honest and say that I don't use it for many of my contacts, but for a certain few it's nice to have a unique ringtone or message tone for when they get in touch so you know who it is without even having to look at your BlackBerry. 

Customizing your contacts is super easy. Just follow these quick steps: 

  • Open settings (pull down from thre top bezel) 
  • Select Notifications and scroll to the base of the page
  • Choose contacts and tap the + icon to open up your address book and add a contact
  • Select the function you wish to alter and you're good to go

As you'll see from the image gallery - you have a selection of things that can be tweaked. These include phone calls, email messages, BBM, SMS and other messaging. You'll then be given the option to change up the tone, vibration settings, LED and instant previews. 

Not the most exciting thing that BlackBerry 10 has to offer but a nice option and one that many newcomers to the OS may not even have been aware existed.