BlackBerry Messenger Contact Categories

If your BlackBerry Messenger Contact list seems to be growing out of control, or you just want to keep things a bit more organized, you can create contact categories to help you out. This is a simple feature that just requires a few menu clicks to get up and running. You can use contact categories to organize your contacts by family members, work contacts, friends or whatever suits your fancy. Keep reading to find out how to create your own contact categories in BlackBerry Messenger.

How to create contact categories in BlackBerry Messenger

  • Open BlackBerry Messenger, then press the Menu key
  • Choose New Contact Category
  • Name your new category
  • Choose the contacts you want in your new category
  • Repeat the process for additional categories

You're free to create as many categories as you'd like and can move contacts between them as you see fit. To remove a category, just move the contacts to another category (highlight the category and choose Move Contacts to New Category) then press the Menu key and choose Delete Category.

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