One of the simpler features we tend to overlook when sending an email is the BCC field. Personally, this is an option I’ve only used at work but it’s an important one nonetheless. If you send a lot of emails you may find yourself need it from time to time.

While it does not automatically appear as a default option in the compose screen, it is easy to access.

While composing a message, simply press and hold the spacebar to minimize the keyboard to reveal the options at the bottom.

  • Tap the overflow icon (three dots) in the lower right hand corner of the action bar
  • Select the Add Bcc: from the list.

The field will now be included at the top of your message to type in an email address or contact name.

This action can be performed at any time from the compose screen. By adding this feature to messages with multiple recipients, you also help to prevent those accidental "Reply All" issues.

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