You may well be thinking we are stating the obvious with this post as 'Quick Settings' are certainly not new to BlackBerry 10 and without any apps open you can still perform a downwards swipe from the top bezel.

Where BlackBerry have implemented something new in OS 10.3 is that you can now access the Quick Settings from within any application - something I've wanted for a long time now. I realize that getting to the Quick Settings have never been that much hassle, but it has always felt a bit of a pain having to come out of whatever application you were in, just to alter the screen brightness, turn on Wi-Fi etc.

Jumping into the Quick Settings whilst an app is open couldn't be easier. Just pull down from the top bezel but this time use two fingers instead - clever stuff. A single swipe down will still let you access that particular applications settings as it always has done - just add an extra finger for 'Quick Settings'.

A small change but a valued one. Thanks for listening to the customers BlackBerry.