While most folks who load up BBM Channels on their BlackBerry smartphone will do so directly through their device, BlackBerry has also made it easy to create and manage BBM Channels directly through your desktop internet browser through something called BBM Channels Manager. Whether you're looking to administer an already existing channel or set up an entirely new one, it's drop dead easy to do so. You can jump below to see how to get started on using BBM Channels Manager.

Creating a channel using BBM Channels Manager

If you've not already set up a BBM Channel and are looking to do so in the easiest way possible, then I suggest using the BBM Channels Manager website. Sure, creating one on your device isn't exactly hard either but using the site in its bigger format is always going to be easier than trying to do so from your device.

You just simply hit the link below, click on 'Create a channel'. From there, you'll be asked to login with your BlackBerry ID, once logged in you'll be off to the races and you can proceed to set up your channel however you do so see fit.

Create a new BBM Channel using BBM Channels Manager


Administer your BBM Channel from the BBM Channels Manager webpage

If you already have your channel set up and are just looking to interact with folks on your channel(s), then you can do so directly from the same website. Aside from offering the ability to create new posts, add new comments, you can also tweet your channel, delete your channel, review users statistics and much more! There's even some additional post tools available via the website such as the ability to create .gifs using your computers webcam. All in all, it's a nice interface and easy way to control your channel.

Access your BBM Channel through the BBM Channels Manager

So that's it really, a nice way to access BBM Channels directly from your computer's web browser. Although it should work in most browsers, I'd be remiss in not pointing out that from my personal experience it works best in either Google Chrome or Firefox. Internet Explorer seems to have some wonkiness but your mileage may vary.