The Porsche Design P'9981 was a pretty interesting device but it's now a little bit outdated even with it having arrived in gold. Arguably, it was outdated at the time of release but that didn't matter to a lot of folks. Personally, I wanted one but I couldn't justify the cost for what essentially broke down to a dressed up BlackBerry Bold 9900. A Porsche Design BlackBerry Q10 though, that's something I could possibly go for.

Sadly, the likelihood of that device being a reality is unknown at this point, but we can at least imagine what one would look like thanks to CrackBerry forums member, DYLANHABKIRK. He rendered up the above image just to see what it may look like if it was to ever be created and I have to say it looks pretty badass. Again, not a real device but what do you guys think of it? Put it into production?