The word from Barcelona is that Research In Motion has had a pretty successful show all around, with a lot of interest especially being shown by developers for the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook. One of the side-shows at App Planet this year was App Circus, where developers take to the stage for a few minutes at a time, to talk about their apps in front of a panel of judges. 

Above you can watch the App Circus Spotlight on BlackBerry (warning, it's a 52minute video), and get a glimpse and further insight into some current and future apps for BlackBerry. If you want to skip the video and just get to who won the App Circus competition, you can already download the winner Gbanga and runner up Urban Step from App World. I haven't watched the whole video yet (I *wish* I could watch it on my PlayBook when going to bed tonight.. hurry up RIM!) so if you do watch it be sure to drop some comments below with any of the highlights.

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