If you frequent our BlackBerry Storm 2 forum, you'll know our pal Salomondrin has been up to his pre-release device antics again, this time delivering on his promised walk-through of the BlackBerry Storm 9550. In the 7 minute video above he gives a solid overview of what the device is all about as well as his opinions on it and how it compares to the first generation Storm. Like the first Storm 9550 in-action video we ran here at CrackBerry, Sal's 9550 lacks Wi-Fi and is rockin an early, early, early OS, so things are only going to get better from here. Odds are this video will disappear quick off the interwebs, so grab it fast. There are quite a few youtube accounts rocking it though.

In case you missed it this week, in the forums I posted a screen cap from a newer OS version of the 9550 which shows the 9550 does in fact have WiFi (in case you were doubting it) as well as the answers to some of the many questions that were asked after posting the first in-action video. Storm 2 chasers will want to stay tuned... newer versions of the Storm 2 hardware/software feature a cool improvement/innovation that hasn't yet been shown on the web (let's say there's even more to the display than initially meets the eye). I have no doubt it'll pop up in action before long. Good stuff salomondrin!