If you are looking to book a hotel you can now do it straight from your BlackBerry 10 smartphone thanks to Hotelsnapper. The native application will allow you to filter by location, dates as well as the number of either single or double rooms you need - and it doesn't stop there.

Once you find a hotel you like the look of you can jump into it for more information. You get a selection of photographs, the address, a map and even the weather forecast which to me is a great bunch of features. Of course you also get the price but if you are on a budget you can filter by price too using the tab at the top right of the display.

If you want to book it then just press the 'book' tab and you will be taken to the booking page - all very straight forward.

One last feature that I like is that when viewing hotels there are three tabs at the top of the screen. Here you can view the hotels by distance, rating or price.

The BlackBerry Z10,Q10 and Q5 are all supported which will please you guys. All in all a great BlackBerry 10 application and the best news is that it's free to download!

More information/Download Hotelsnapper for BlackBerry 10