If you live in the Asia Pacific region or maybe visit countries in that part of the world for business you may want to check out Hotel Quickly for BlackBerry 10. Available for all BlackBerry 10 devices the application is a one stop shop for finding the best, quality hotels out there - and a native app too which is always good to see. 

Once the application is first launched you are presented with a list of locations. At this point the app doesn't look all that great on the eye, but select a place and things then get real pretty. You will be given a beautiful list of hotels showing an image of the room and the price, along with the hotel name of course. Pick the one that's of interest and you are then given an overview of the hotel with an tab to book the room. This will require an account which you can set up from within the app - or alternatively you can sign up using Facebook which may be easier for some.

At the top of the display you will see three tabs. The first of these is the overview which I have just explained, but next to that is the 'info' one which dives a little more into the hotels services etc. Finally there is a 'Map' tab which will allow you to zoom in and out so you can check out exactly where the hotel is located.

More features of the app include:

  • Exclusive LOW PRICES, guaranteed.
  • Same-day bookings until 4am.
  • The BEST hotels, handpicked by us.
  • Up to 6 deals in each city each night.

Hotel Quickly is a free download, so if you're heading over to that part of the world it may well come in handy.

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