BlackBerry 9670 - Hot or Not?

* Update: Well that's that. After a quick 15,000 votes I think it's safe to say the verdict is in. Less than 20% of CrackBerry readers, and these are people who typically like/love BlackBerrys, think this BlackBerry 9670 design is a good idea. Over 80% think it's a form factor to scrap and put those specs and efforts into something else. Of course it's not like RIM builds only one style of device -- we're sure there are at least some people out there who would buy a device like this -- but if so, they just gotta sex it up more somehow. I guess we'll just have to wait and see where RIM goes with this one... *

Following up yesterday morning's first real good look of what's coming in OS 6.0, I think most CrackBerry readers felt a lot of optimism and enthusiasm that RIM has their act together and is working hard to fix the browser and modernize the operating system (of course some of us BlackBerry users will always want more, more, more!).

Riding all of that BlackBerry positivity into the evening hours, we got shell shocked (literally) with a surprise first look at the BlackBerry 9670 - a clamshell form factor CDMA device, featuring OS 6.0 and a 5 megapixel camera, that we can only assume RIM is in the process of developing for commercial release. 

Reading through the comments (on CB and other sites that posted the story) and tweets regardng the BlackBerry 9670, I actually found it difficult to find anybody saying anything positive about the clamshell form factor and overall design and look of the device. Seriously, maybe two out of every one hundred comments were positive. Of course, it's often those who have the strongest negative reactions who take the time to express their feelings, so I thought we'd do a little CrackBerry Focus Group Study here and put our feelings about the new BlackBerry 9670 in an anonymous, easy-to-vote-on poll. You can check out the full gallery over at BGR to get a really good glimpse of what the BlackBerry 9670 is about and then cast your vote above. Hot or Not? Build or Scrap? Let's see how this one turns out!

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