When I first came across this theme, it was just a "Coming Soon" teaser in the forums, and based on the screenshots alone I bookmarked it for the theme roundup. When I got a chance to actually play with it on my BlackBerry however, I could easily see that it needed it's own spot on the blogs. KD really outdid himself this time, putting together a theme that is not only beautiful to look at, but supremely functional. Six user defined icons sit in a static bottom dock, but the magic really happens in the center bar. Scrolling up through the available menus gives you access to 4 different sets of icons accessible in the bar. The menus are intuitive, with the Control Panel selection providing access to functions like Manage Connections, and the Media Center giving access to Camera, Vidoes, etc. All told, you have access to 26 different apps right from the homescreen, and the Messaging menu includes a 3 line Hidden Today. Perfectly skinned, with awesome colors and elements that flow throughout the theme, and a full set of custom icons, this theme is a pleaser for sure. Avaliable from the CB store for $4.99, it's on sale for only $2.99 through July 31st.

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