Horoscope and Tarot

Just a quick heads up if you are into your horoscopes. There is a new free BlackBerry 10 app called Horoscope and Tarot which you can grab from BlackBerry World if you're a believer.

While I can't say this type of thing is my cup of tea - horoscopes are pretty popular and this app makes checking out your own really easy. Once launched you just choose your zodiac sign from the list and your horoscope for the day will be presented. There are tabs at the base of the display which also allow you to view the next days horoscope - so you know if tomorrow will be a good day.

In addition there is a share tab which will integrate with all accounts in your BlackBerry Hub if you fancy sending your horoscope off to a buddy or social network.

Here at CrackBerry we can't take any responsibility for the predications not coming true so take them with a pinch of salt. For a free download it's not bad though. See what you think?

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