You've got to have some ninja like skills to do well with Hordz 3D for BlackBerry 10, but luckily practice makes perfect. If you are looking for a action packed fun game then you have come to the right place.

Once you begin playing Hordz 3D you'll be given a tutorial as the game is all about on-screen gestures. From the spooky mist will appear a variety of scary characters - ranging from evil witches to vampires. Each 'bad guy' requires a different gesture to destroy it and you'll need to master these as once they start walking towards you it's either kill or be killed.

As you would expect - the first few levels of the game are pretty easy and these are really just there to get you to grips with the gestures. Some characters you will need to swipe upwards to kill, some to the side and others need a double tap. After these first few levels things get spiced up a lot as that's when you will have multiple enemies coming at you - hence the ninja skills. You will need to have your brain on full power as you'll have to remember which character needs what gesture to kill it. It sure gets pretty manic when you have so many evil creatures trying to get to you.

In terms of graphics Hordz 3D is pretty sweet. That, combined with the sound effects and smooth (yet manic game play) makes for a great all round experience.

Full features of the game include:

  • A defense game with a unique first-person perspective.
  • Over 50 levels of finger-twisting 3D horror action.
  • 2 monsters ready and eager to eat your face.
  • Multi-touch attacks with higher scores for simultaneous kills.
  • Silly monster sound effects and pumping original tunez.

The game is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and comes with a price tag of £1.50/$1.99.

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