Hootsuite Twitter client for BlackBerry on its way

As the Twitter space continues to grow, so do the apps that allow you to access it. The latest big name contender looking for space on your BlackBerry is soon too be Hootsuite. They havesent out a newsletter today that was meant for the announcement of their compatibility for the iPhone 4 but at the bottom of that newsletter I happened to notice the BlackBerry mention.

Finally, fans of RIM's Blackberry phones can almost.... finally begin Hoot-ing since HootBerry is just about ready for beta release. To get on-board for early access, simply sign up at: http://ow.ly/2aRUx and you'll be among the first to try the new tool.

Hootsuite has been making it's rounds across platforms these days and in order to keep up with the many others out there, a BlackBerry app is certainly needed. How it looks and runs remains to be seen but clearly we'll know soon enough. If ya wanna try out a new Twitter client for BlackBerry, hit the link and sign up.