Personally, I'm a huge fan of advertising. Always have been. TV commercials and magazine ads are what motivated me to want things as a kid growing up and develop an entrepreneurial spirit (if you want things, you need to be able to pay for them!). Now as an online publisher, I have a new respect for advertising. Running ads is a big part of what helps us pay the bills, keep the servers running, and be able to run Mobile Nations as a company and not just be something we do as a hobby.

That said, I get it. All of the scripts that run the ad units can slow down page load times, and the ad units themselves can clutter up what's otherwise a beautiful site. We always try to strike that balance of making cheddar while providing a smooth user experience, but I guess most/all of you would prefer fewer ads to more.

So for February, in honor of CrackBerry's 10th anniversary, we're turning off all traditional display ad units for members so you can browse the site at maximum warm factor and with minimal distractions.

I was thinking about turning off the ads for logged out users too but decided that's crazy. If you're reading CrackBerry, you should be doing so as a logged in member! Even so, just to be extra sweet for our 10th anniversary we're going to reduce the density of our ads for logged out visitors too (but seriously, become a member and login already!). To join or login, just hit the little "hamburger" menu button at the upper left corner of the site, and tap the Login or Join button. It only takes thirty seconds and your browsing experience will improve considerably (it's also rumored that when you become a member you immediately become 17.3% more attractive).

Many of our hardcore CrackBerry members browse CrackBerry via our BB10 or Android App, which to date have remained ad free. If you haven't downloaded them yet, now is a fantastic time to do so.

With all the fun and games going on around CrackBerry this month, you're going to want to be a member. So log in, join the fun, and enjoy the ad unit free browsing experience!

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