Have you ever made a grocery list only to forget it at home? I know I have plenty of times. Enter HoneyDew: HoneyDew is a synchronized todo and task list that will get rid of wasting paper. I think it's pretty common for must of us when its time to go grocery shoping or need to remember to do things around the house we write them down on a piece of paper so we don't forget. Well something always happens and the paper is thrown away or lost and we have to start a new one. The BlackBerrys have something that can fix that already in the Task or Memo app. That really only solves one side of the issue, what if after making a big grocery list I wanna share it with my Wife? I then have to give her my BlackBerry and let her manually copy into her BlackBerry, yuck, what a pain!

Well lucky for us the great people over at VersatileMonkey (the creators of the popular PodTrapper)has solved this issue. Once you have HoneyDew installed on your berry, open HoneyDew up and start adding things to a grocery list or a todo list. 


Once you have you have typed in your item all then have to do is put it in a category. Now the really nice thing is HoneyDew will remember items and categorys that you have used in the past, so re adding things is a breeze. Once you have your list made you can easly escape back to the list screen to see what lists you have. 


When you arrive at whatever location you need to get your items from, simply go to your list and hit delete to remove the item once you have added that item in your cart, it's also that easy to delete a category once you have finished up at that location.


The next problem is sharing your list with your spouse or significant other, not an issue with HoneyDew. All you have to do is have HoneyDew on both devices go to settings on both handhelds enter each others pins and syncing has been completed! 


Once you have both devices synced you can start adding to a list you have already or start a new one. Now that you have both devices synced any changes to a list will alert your device.


When you Open HoneyDew after getting the icon alert you will be greeted with a update summary. In which case you can either opt to see what updates there are or decline them. Not only will HoneyDew show you what has been added it will also show you what has been removed. This option I really like becuase my Wife and I can split up in the grocery store to make the trip even faster as when you remove something it updates the list keeping it current.


Overall I think this is a great app because it's clean and easy to use. HoneyDew will save you time and money, not only because you can cut down on the paper that you have to buy but gas money as well. I have made countless double trips becuase I had forgoten something. The best thing is that HoneyDew is only $1.49! HoneyDew will work on all BlackBerrys with OS 4.2 and up! You can pick up your copy of HoneyDew at Shop.CrackBerry.com Or just follow the link posted below. For more information and a short video of HoneyDew in action Click Here TO See More.