Home Screen Notes

Adam covered Home Screen Notes last year and I’ve been in love with it ever since. With this app on your BlackBerry, you’ll never forget to pick up the dry cleaning again!

Home Screen Notes has since been updated with several of the most user requested additions. It's great to see app developers listening to their users' feedback and implementing some of the suggestions.

Home Screen Notes is now at version 3.0 with the following additions and fixes:

  • Added option to remove the red pin from the note
  • Added note transparency options
  • Added ability to create template notes
  • Touch ups to create note screen
  • Optimizations to internal note posting routines
  • Other misc bug fixes

I'm a forgetful person by nature so it's not uncommon for me to leave little sticky notes on the fridge, in my car and my laptop (not to mention lipstick messages on the bathroom mirror) just to jog my memory about somewhere I need to be or an item I need to grab from the store. This app is also great for leaving little reminders on your spouse's BlackBerry about a certain birthday that is rapidly approaching (I've decided to turn 29 for the 5th time). I personally have been using it on my BlackBerry to count down the days till our family vacation back home to California. It's cute to see my 5 year old pick up my phone and get all excited because there is only 3 days left till she gets to see Shamu.

If you haven't had the chance to check this app out, you should head on over to App World and grab it now.  It's available for $1.99 and just tell yourself that you'll be saving yourself time and money (not to mention headaches from significant other's nagging) by remembering those little errands on your way home.

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