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My phone has been blowing up with messages since the trailer for the new BLACKBERRY movie dropped on YouTube earlier today, with CrackBerry and BlackBerry friends of old reaching out to make sure I saw it.

We've heard rumblings about this movie for a while now, and I've honestly been avoiding reading the early reviews or digging into it more out of some fear it was going to give off cringeworthy vibes and sour some of my fond memories of BlackBerry past.

Turns out I was wayyyy off and it actually looks like it's going to be a really good movie, and a definite MUST-WATCH for any current (and more likely) former CrackBerry/BlackBerry fan.

There are a ton of great actors in the cast, and while it's based on the factual (and kinda boring) book Losing The Signal, director Matt Johnson appears to have brought a solid level of comedy to the story to make the already-nuts story extra entertaining.

The movie is set to open in theatres May 12th. I'm almost tempted to suggest a CrackBerry meetup in a city of choice (Waterloo? New York?) and see if we can fill up a theatre and get line-ups around the block.

Be sure to watch the trailer and listen closely at the 1m17s mark!

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