A lot of new changes came with BlackBerry 6. One of the most significant was the upgrade to the camera options. Research In Motion introduced "Scenes" to the camera setting, they even highlighted the new multimedia experience on their official blogs. One thing they forgot to mention though was that, with the addition of the new camera options they also removed some features.

The ability to take pictures in black and white as well as sepia is no longer present. Least, not on the BlackBerry Torch anyways. Granted, those options may have been obscure and not used by many but, they are so simple to implement one has to wonder why they even bothered with the removal in the first place. Personally, I used to use those settings quite frequently and was rather disturbed to find them no longer available.

Now, we did get some good scenes to go along with the new options such as Sports which offers a zero shutter lag experience. That said, rather then having a scene called Snow; I think I'd rather have my black and white as well as sepia capabilities back. I'm Canadian, taking pictures of snow doesn't exactly rank high on my scale of things to do ya know? Anyone else missing those options and want them back or am I just crazy?