Hey Instagram! You're done with the Android app, so next up is BlackBerry!

Instagram for BlackBerry

The popular social photo sharing app Instagram has had a long solo run on iOS, but today it finally made its way to Android as well. Excitement ensued all around, and a few faithful CrackBerry members quickly converted the APK to a BAR file for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Unfortunately after sideloading the app, we found it doesn't run at all, so PlayBook users are out of luck for the time being. It's possible it might work down the road, but we'll have to wait it out and see.

We ran a poll just a few weeks back and out of over 10,000 votes, nearly 79% of users said they want Instagram on BlackBerry. But the reality here is that if it were made available, 100% of BlackBerry users would download it. So now that both the iOS and Android versions are out of the way, BlackBerry is the next step. We'll take it on phones or even on the PlayBook so it's ready for BlackBerry 10. You're missing out big time if you leave the BlackBerry users in the dust, so let's see it!!