Adam sets out to picket an AT&T store in the name of the Bold 9900 and the CrackBerry Nation!

Soooo ... it's September 17th today, and if you remember from our 2nd to last podcast we declared today AT&T picket day if the BlackBerry Bold 9900 didn't show up. Following up on our petition to AT&T, I took matters into my own hands and blocked my day off to do my CrackBerry duty. With my Verizon Bold 9930 and Rogers Bold 9900 in hand and the power of the CrackBerry nation behind me, I set out for my local AT&T store to get my picket on. As you can see in the video above, the store was totally dead (because they don't have the Bold 9900 .. duh) and unfortunately they wouldn't let me film inside. I did do some solo picketing for as long as I could though. I don't know if it helped our cause or not, but regardless ... come on AT&T ... give us the BlackBerry Bold 9900!!!

Did you head out to your local store and picket today? Did you rally the troops? If not you still have time! Let us know in the comments -- and if you haven't signed our petition yet, what are you waiting for?!

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