Radiant Defense by Hexage
Hexage has just announced that they will be bringing their entire catalog of games to the Blackberry 10 platform! If you're not familiar with their games, Hexage has several titles that are already popular on other platforms including Radiant Defense, Robotek (my favorite), Radiant, EVAC, Totemo, Everlands and Buka. The developer team at Hexage is working with RIM to optimize their games using the BlackBerry 10 Native SDK.

While you're waiting for those games to be available for BlackBerry 10, you can go ahead and pick up Radiant Defense or Radiant for your BlackBerry PlayBook in App World. Radiant Defense is a free tower defense game set in the Radiant Universe. Defend against over 300 waves of aliens over 10 missions with upgradeable weapons and the ability to  make in-app purchases for even more upgrades. Radiant is a classic arcade space shooter with 100+ levels, 10+ boss fights, upgradeable weapons, power-ups, and more. This one will set you back just $1.99. Both games have Hexage's signature style with bright, crisp graphics and custom music track. You can check the games out at the links below.

More information/download Radiant Defense
More information/purchase Radiant

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